Welcome To ‘FAILFest’

Look at the poor giraffe.  Can’t even succeed at suicide.  It’s ok, Geoffrey.  You’re not alone.  Everybody fails.  We’re human.  But some fail triumphantly, and those are the ones that end up on youtube.

For those who don’t like reading much, it’s your lucky day.  Today, it’s all about visuals.  Getting right to the point.  Less reading, more laughing.  Since the Olympics have arrived let’s start with athletic fails.  WELCOME TO FAILFest!!!

After watching this next one, I had to download this game.  I just HAD to try it.  It’s pretty fucking impossible.  The way this kid fails is hilarious though.  “SWISS FUCKING CHEESE, GODDAMMIT!!”

It would be some shit if the guy who made this video actually made the game and is using these funny videos to promote it.  If it is, it worked.  If you wanna try this game,you can download 2 Trial versions on XBOX Live in the “Indie games” section. Search: The Impossible Game (The ‘Level Pack’ one is longer.)

Who’s ready for fat fails?! LET’S FUCKING GO!

The song is retarded.  I love the ending though.  One of my favorites.

We also got drunk motherfuckers…..

Daaaamn, girl! You really know how to make a man………………laugh til he cries.

Fuck this. I’m outta here.  I hope y’all enjoyed my half-assed post.  (I referred to Geoffrey as a human. No fucks were given.)  Gotta go.

Toodaloo Mothafuckaaaa!  *sits on cheetah*