Cleveland’s half-century long nightmare is over


Not much needs to be said except CONGRATULATIONS to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers! You did it!

The impossible.



OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 19:  LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers shoots against Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors in Game Seven of the 2016 NBA Finals on June 19, 2016 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)


NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

2016 NBA Finals - Game Seven





lebron james block





LeBron James, Kyrie Irving



2016 NBA Finals - Game Seven









Is Wrestling Officially Back?


Even though it never really left, I think it’s for real this time.  Pro wrestling and/or Sports Entertainment is slowly becoming popular again.  Sure, it will never be close to being as cool as it was in the 80’s and late 90’s.  However, I’m starting to notice something here.  Wrestling is slowly becoming hard to avoid.

TNA’s contract with SPIKE TV was not renewed but picked up by a new network that while is less known than SPIKE TV, is more accessible, Destination America.  Also, there has been a buzz about this new soap opera style wrestling promotion based in LA that airs on the also new El Rey Network, called “Lucha Underground”. Then there’s the more influential company, causing the most buzz as usual, the WWE.

With the WWE Network being 8 months old, it’s possible that former fans have already gone back in time and relived all their favorite moments with their subscriptions, revitalizing their interest in “Sports Entertainment” and becoming hip to the current product.  I know that’s how some celebrities and public figures like rapper Wale got back into it.  He’s a HUGE fan again.  Furthermore, the amount of time the WWE spends keeping the names of legends and Hall of Famers out there keeps the people who are not excited with the new roster coming back for more.  Just this year, we saw an appearance by the now rehabilitated and sober, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and so many more.  Even the Ultimate Warrior rekindled his relationship with Vince McMahon and squashed all his beefs before he passed away.


The “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who was blackballed by the WWE for reasons that no one but the McMahon family can explain, factually, is finally being publicly acknowledged again by the company for his greatness and the legacy he left behind as a superstar with a new documentary about his life, which Macho Man fans have been waiting on for over a decade.


The most recent one, of course, is a man whom even after WCW was purchased by Vince McMahon, had refused to step foot in a WWE ring for as long as he lived.  On Sunday night at Survivor Series, he made his WWE debut to everyone’s astonishment.


Sting!  The face of WCW, the franchise!  If you were conscious in the 90’s, you know who Sting is or at least, what he looks like.  If you were under a rock or born too late in the 90’s, you definitely heard of him NOW.  The news spread like wildfire on social media.  There was no way you didn’t know about this.  The same way it was trending on twitter, wrestling was trending in society. In real life.  It certainly was trending in my little town.  A little place called Washington Heights in New York City.  A place where in the 23 years of my life, I’ve only seen 3 people wearing wrestling merch, which I spotted only this year.  A place where the last wrestling promotional poster we saw around was a Wrestlemania X8 banner on the side of a city bus back in 2002.  It’s making its rounds again.  Wrestling is relevant to people again.


It first hit me when I went to the closest store to my house, this 24 hour Gourmet Deli, with my sister for a quick munchies run.  We spent like 10 minutes picking delicious ass snacks, all while overhearing the clerk watch Monday Night RAW loudly on his phone.  After we paid, my sister said, “He didn’t even look up.  He was glued to that phone.” to which I replied, “That’s it.  Wrestling is back.”

That was yesterday.  Not even 24 hours later, I’m on my way back home from picking up some Whoppers from Burger King (Once again, food brought me to this conclusion).  What I saw confirmed to me that wrestling is in fact relevant again is some way, shape, or form.  Check this out.


Each parked car on this street either had a wrestler’s name or wrestling related terms on it.  The whole street!

I got home and my first words to my sister were, “Wrestling is officially back.”

Happy Cinco de Mayweather!

… what all the hoes want to hear from dude.

The swag this man possesses. To beat a Mexican on Cinco De Mayo.

Move over Star Wars fans,  “May Day” is now 3 days later and quite honestly, “May the 4th be with you” is a little outdated.  Let’s face it, George Lucas released the raging bull and Disney hung a red blanket before  a wall of spikes that activates a hydrofluoric acid splasher. It’s fucking over.


But what’s NOT over is ‘Money’ Mayweather’s perfect winning streak record.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. has now won 44 bouts in a row.  Y’all thought Undertaker was impressive?  Well, wrestling is fake.  So yea. …No.

His latest victim, Robert Guerrero was confident that he would be the one to finally defeat Money May, as every boxer in the past has.  Maybe he should have stepped on Floyd’s foot to keep him where he wanted him but…OH! Wait a minute, he did!  More than once.  Which is the only reason Guerrero looked strong in the 1st round.  I don’t care, it was a wrap for him as soon as he came out to the ring.  And to think, Mayweather was the one who was accompanied by a rapping Lil’ Wayne during his entrance.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 11.29.12 PM

Instead of HBO, it was Showtime.  Instead of his uncle Roger Mayweather, it was his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. in his corner.  Instead of 50 Cent, it was Lil’ Wayne who came out with ‘Money’.  I was nervous y’all.  After Cotto gave him the fight of his life and after being incarcerated for two months, shit just wasn’t right.  He wasn’t “Pretty Boy Floyd”.  He was humble as fuck.  However, his greatness is enough to keep us reminded of how good he is.

Oh yea, by the way… some of y’all don’t even remember when Floyd had hair so stop washing the man’s meat.  We know he’s great, just chill with all the bibble.  He’s human.  He can and will lose eventually.  So many people on this guy’s nuts, I almost misread a few tweets.  But I caught myself before I could comment on them.  For example, Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 tweeted this:


To which I almost replied, “Yo fam, take the dick out your throat and do your research. Nicolino “El Intocable” Locche.” (The Untouchable)

But then I realized, Rosenberg wasn’t wrong.  He said “I’ve never seen..”, which means he’s just oblivious to Locche, as most people are to begin with.  So, just like the meat riders, I need to chill.  (Y’all must chill first in order for me to chill though, so chill. )

Long story short, Floyd outboxed this dude.  The numbers on the scorecards could’ve been mistaken for salary income.  Mayweather’s percentages were waaaaaay above Guerrero’s in ever damn facet of the match-up.  He did it again.

“May Day” was yesterday but it continues on until maybe 6PM today.  Why 6?  I don’t fucking know.  Who gives a flying enchilada shit anyway? ……………………………. Bitch.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everybody!

Enjoy!  *dubs twerk videos with Mariachi music*

Bawses Date Rape Too


For many weeks now, Rick Ross has been bashed and shitted on all over the web for saying some inappropriate things on a guest feature.  On a song by Rocko called “U.O.E.N.O.” which also features the ever so poppin’-popular, heart-of-the-club-scene, rapper/harmonizer, Future, something possessed Ricky Rozay to rap the following lyric:

Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it

Fam……..what are you doing?

Time out, because I’m on the fence about this.  There’s different ways to look at this line.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a terrible thing to say and people SHOULD be upset about it.  I just believe it should be really dissected before anybody can take action against Rick Ross.

First things first, it’s never…and I mean NEVER acceptable to put anything in anyone’s drink without his or her consent. I don’t give a fuck if you try to put Smarties in some bitch’s drink, we fightin’, breh.  You’re not doing that shit.  Not on my watch.  Ross was wrong off the bat with that one.


The part that I’m iffy about is the 2nd line.  We all know what he meant by “enjoyed that”, right?  Well….who knows?  Maybe he simply enjoyed the act of taking her home.  Maybe he just enjoyed her side effects.  Again, it was wrong to dirty her champagne…but could it be that we’re jumping to conclusions as to what he did once he took her home?  That part is unclear so we can only look at the fact that he drugged the chick.  We forgave Alan in “Hangover”, didn’t we?  Aye, don’t give me that bullshit. Hip-Hop and Hollywood movies are one in the same.  It’s all entertainment, so Alan counts.  And he used a REAL date rape drug in the movie.  Which brings me to my next point.


Ross used molly in his lyric which is pure MDMA.  Last time I checked, ecstasy made you horny and want to bang whatever comes your way.  I’m not sure how champagne can alter the effects but I’m pretty sure you need more to make someone pass out.  Perhaps Ross left the important detail of how much Molly and/or champagne was consumed by this poor lady out.  So I’ll just stick with the context.  By the way, I refer to the victim as “poor lady” even though she could’ve been a deceitful bitch to begin with because the fact of the matter remains…she was drugged AND enjoyed by the former Slip-n-Slide artist.

Now, this guy is under heavy scrutiny and the struggle is slowly crashing down on the Bawse of rap.  Rape survivors are demanding Reebok to cut his endorsement deal and after multiple attempts to apologize, these activists are showing no signs of taking it easy.  They want Rick Ross’ ass chewed up and spit out.  In addition, concerts are being cancelled because of this.


This shit is serious and a lot of people questioned how serious this really is, including myself.

Oh, who am I kidding? Rick Ross said that shit.

“What about Eminem? He runs around saying crazy shit all the time and nobody cares.”, said one of my homies.  I agreed with him because I guess I forgot how BAD Eminem had it in his heyday.  As a young kid, I didn’t recognize the severity of Slim Shady’s hardships.  Thinking back NOW, it makes me look at this Rick Ross scandal like it’s a joke.


Yo, Eminem had everybody protesting against him.  Gays, women, award shows (Grammys), students,  the British.  Michael Jackson, son.  The King Of Pop himself was butthurt about his portrayal in the “Just Lose It” video and encouraged anti-Eminem hate groups to hate on.  Em had it a MILLION times worse.  Of course, these are the results of lyrics that are WAY more offensive than what Ross said.  Most recently, his own fans protested against him for his lyrical content on “Recovery”, which even non-Eminem stans labeled a great album.  Still, Mr. Mathers came out on on top every time and overcame all adversities and I don’t remember him apologizing.


I shit you not, “Recovery” is certified diamond worldwide less than 3 years after its release.  If he could survive all that shit, Rick Ross has nothing to worry about.  He’s been one of the top tier MC’s in the game for 7 years now, more so for the last 3.

Ross fans, stop feeling bad for him and stop defending him.  He will bounce back, he did make a mistake, but the man is damn near 40.  Let the struggle crash down on him and admit what he said was foul.  I’m with y’all when y’all say everybody’s overreacting about it.  But let them overreact.  In the end, it’ll only prove that Hip-Hop DOES make an impact whether THEY like it or not.

(I don’t know who “they” is.  As a minority, we just exude oppression.)

Peace out, mmg.  *throws up peace sign while wearing tie dye shirt…barefoot*