Bawses Date Rape Too


For many weeks now, Rick Ross has been bashed and shitted on all over the web for saying some inappropriate things on a guest feature.  On a song by Rocko called “U.O.E.N.O.” which also features the ever so poppin’-popular, heart-of-the-club-scene, rapper/harmonizer, Future, something possessed Ricky Rozay to rap the following lyric:

Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it

Fam……..what are you doing?

Time out, because I’m on the fence about this.  There’s different ways to look at this line.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a terrible thing to say and people SHOULD be upset about it.  I just believe it should be really dissected before anybody can take action against Rick Ross.

First things first, it’s never…and I mean NEVER acceptable to put anything in anyone’s drink without his or her consent. I don’t give a fuck if you try to put Smarties in some bitch’s drink, we fightin’, breh.  You’re not doing that shit.  Not on my watch.  Ross was wrong off the bat with that one.


The part that I’m iffy about is the 2nd line.  We all know what he meant by “enjoyed that”, right?  Well….who knows?  Maybe he simply enjoyed the act of taking her home.  Maybe he just enjoyed her side effects.  Again, it was wrong to dirty her champagne…but could it be that we’re jumping to conclusions as to what he did once he took her home?  That part is unclear so we can only look at the fact that he drugged the chick.  We forgave Alan in “Hangover”, didn’t we?  Aye, don’t give me that bullshit. Hip-Hop and Hollywood movies are one in the same.  It’s all entertainment, so Alan counts.  And he used a REAL date rape drug in the movie.  Which brings me to my next point.


Ross used molly in his lyric which is pure MDMA.  Last time I checked, ecstasy made you horny and want to bang whatever comes your way.  I’m not sure how champagne can alter the effects but I’m pretty sure you need more to make someone pass out.  Perhaps Ross left the important detail of how much Molly and/or champagne was consumed by this poor lady out.  So I’ll just stick with the context.  By the way, I refer to the victim as “poor lady” even though she could’ve been a deceitful bitch to begin with because the fact of the matter remains…she was drugged AND enjoyed by the former Slip-n-Slide artist.

Now, this guy is under heavy scrutiny and the struggle is slowly crashing down on the Bawse of rap.  Rape survivors are demanding Reebok to cut his endorsement deal and after multiple attempts to apologize, these activists are showing no signs of taking it easy.  They want Rick Ross’ ass chewed up and spit out.  In addition, concerts are being cancelled because of this.


This shit is serious and a lot of people questioned how serious this really is, including myself.

Oh, who am I kidding? Rick Ross said that shit.

“What about Eminem? He runs around saying crazy shit all the time and nobody cares.”, said one of my homies.  I agreed with him because I guess I forgot how BAD Eminem had it in his heyday.  As a young kid, I didn’t recognize the severity of Slim Shady’s hardships.  Thinking back NOW, it makes me look at this Rick Ross scandal like it’s a joke.


Yo, Eminem had everybody protesting against him.  Gays, women, award shows (Grammys), students,  the British.  Michael Jackson, son.  The King Of Pop himself was butthurt about his portrayal in the “Just Lose It” video and encouraged anti-Eminem hate groups to hate on.  Em had it a MILLION times worse.  Of course, these are the results of lyrics that are WAY more offensive than what Ross said.  Most recently, his own fans protested against him for his lyrical content on “Recovery”, which even non-Eminem stans labeled a great album.  Still, Mr. Mathers came out on on top every time and overcame all adversities and I don’t remember him apologizing.


I shit you not, “Recovery” is certified diamond worldwide less than 3 years after its release.  If he could survive all that shit, Rick Ross has nothing to worry about.  He’s been one of the top tier MC’s in the game for 7 years now, more so for the last 3.

Ross fans, stop feeling bad for him and stop defending him.  He will bounce back, he did make a mistake, but the man is damn near 40.  Let the struggle crash down on him and admit what he said was foul.  I’m with y’all when y’all say everybody’s overreacting about it.  But let them overreact.  In the end, it’ll only prove that Hip-Hop DOES make an impact whether THEY like it or not.

(I don’t know who “they” is.  As a minority, we just exude oppression.)

Peace out, mmg.  *throws up peace sign while wearing tie dye shirt…barefoot*


My 1st Voting Experience

Quick & easy. Just like it’s supposed to be. Just how them GBE boys will light this whole shit up if Obama loses. Not that they even care. But yea. Speed dial.

Anyway, it was cold as shit this morning and the line to vote was dick & butt. Can of sardines. Luckily, it wasn’t packed enough for the line to be sticking out the building when I got there. So here’s what happened.

  • I waited in a line that made me feel I was coming out of there with government cheese & Corn Flakes.
  • The man in charge of my district was damn near Michael J. Fox, the way he was shaking. I felt bad for his nervous system.
  • I immediately lost all sympathy for the old geezer when he misspelled my name on the card. When have you ever heard of a dude named “Angle”? Tha FUCK!
  • Walked my ass to the private booth & filled in a bunch of bubbles for unfamiliar names. Except for maybe like 3. Which is still horrible. (I never claimed to be into politics anyway.)
  • Scanned my sheet & handed the dude next to the machine my card & folder like if they were keys to a Bentley & he was the valet.
  • Walked out and noticed the line sticking out the building, snapped a pic, chuckled, & walked away to Jay-Z’s “PSA” with the utmost, morning “I just voted for my 1st time” swag.

As I walked away, I wondered “How can you be so sure about who you want to represent this nation if you can’t even read signs & stand in the proper lines? Wow, these people are complete nincompoops”. But what do I know? I’m just a renegade who’s eyes glisten with hope at the thought of Obamacare like an anime cartoon. Wait, can I still be a renegade even though I just voted? Nah, right? Blah. Whatever. Maybe, just maybe …. I can live a life a little less cautious and mosh at concerts without having to pretend my body is an item at an antique store. “You break, you paaaay!” (Old Korean lady voice) Or should I say “blake” ….. hee hee hee.

I had no intentions of voting until last minute. I just decided, why not? I mean, I did watch all the debates. Even though they were all pretty much the same shit. A bunch of lying, polite ass rebuttals and a few jabs. And Mitt Romney’s listening face.


GO VOTE! (Unless you don’t want to. Fuck it.)
Peace, my dudes. *rides donkey in African safari, tossing molotovs at elephants* (only figuratively)

Randumb Me

I’m too distracted.  I can talk about so many topics, I just give up and talk about none.  No, this is not a ghost typing.  It’s actually me.  The last post was a mere hyperbole.  It’s really how I felt but exaggerated to give a better understanding.  I’m alive and well, thank you very much.  In fact, I’m chillin’.

Speaking of being alive, I’ve been feeling a bit odd since the last time I posted a blog on here.  Since then, I returned to my regular mood and then skyrocketed to the best mood.  It was like a mega mood swing.  Tarzan type of shit.  I felt better than I ever had before.  There were a few things collectively that added on to me becoming emotionally opposite of what I was just a week ago.  I don’t remember in what order but who cares.  My peers are probably sick and tired of me speaking on this but Slaughterhouse putting out 38 new songs in like 48 hours was just exciting for me.  That alone lit me up.  And they’re not just throw-away songs, they’re bangers!

What else? …

Coincidentally, I was able to help my mom out with a few bucks during one of the most rare occurrences in her life.  Multiple emergencies being thrown her way, raping her pockets, left her with nearly nothing.  She insisted on paying me back with interest on Friday even though I told her it wasn’t necessary.  Oh look!  TODAY is Friday.  This shit just keeps getting better. Ha!

And then to make shit sweeter than it already is……the NFL season begins next week.  Then y’all have the nerve to wonder why autumn is my favorite season.

It ain’t even here yet but it’s been getting a little nippy outside.  See, spring would be cool if it didn’t consist of me having a scratchy throat & leaking eyes for 3 fucking months.  But like I was saying…football is back.  And I, along with my homies, will be at a bar to embrace the moment with open arms when that first kickoff is underway while keeping tabs on our fantasy teams that we formed drafting yesterday.  Shout out to the YOLO League.  Salute!

You know when you just feel like you can talk to someone and just have a good time simply chatting?  And you both just have a similar sense of humor so y’all instantly click and you can just vibe with them?  It’s refreshing fun, man.  Shout out to Young VJ.  That’s what I call her.  She’s cool.  😉

What more can I say?  I just feel good.  The month of august has been very polarizing for me.  I hit the fake bottom and the fake top.  In case you didn’t notice, most of the pictures on this post are random as fuck! LOL!  That was my aim.  It matches my persona.

Anyway, y’all be frigid.  *runs over Rebecca Black with monster truck while “Friday” plays*

Brain-farts Galore

So uh……too bad I forgot I had a blog.  It has been a loooooong fucking weekend.  And guess what?  I didn’t brainstorm a goddamn thing.  Shame on me.  Well, I guess I’ll just do this one on the fly.

These ball throwing heauxs in these Olympics are impressive.  Not one mistake was made in any of the countries’ choreo.  WHOA!  This wrestler just got dropped on his head! LMAOOOOO!!!!

Anyway, I already have an olympic post so I don’t wanna make this about…….yo, USA Basketball team took home the gold! FUCK YEAH!!!!!

Ok, I’m sorry. I have no filter right now, which I guess is a good thing because I need to talk about something.  How about those 2 new Slaughterhouse songs that dropped?  Fucking FIRE!

Or how about my 1st beer shotgunning experience?  Hilarious, but nah.  Wtf do I talk about with y’all?  I don’t even know if you’re reading, honestly.  I mean, I see how many views I get in total & it’s pretty decent for a no-name like myself. But are you all REALLY there?  Or do my viewers consist of nothing but close friends, family & cyber ghosts?   Well, I did hear from a girl who stumbled upon my blog on twitter and liked it.   I felt great about that.  Oh!  So THAT’S what jump-started my weekend!  I remember now.  Shout out to her.

What about that 2 Chainz album?  LMAO!  The shit is funny more than anything.  With lyrics like “I wish a nigga would like a kitchen cabinet” & “woodgrain, chestnut / tittyfuck ….. CHEST NUT!” … Matter fact, the whole 2nd verse on “Like Me”.  I’m changing this album’s genre to ‘comedy’ in my iPod.

What about that triple cheeseburger from McDonald’s?  Damn, I want another one.  But I can’t eat cheese like that.  Which reminds me….i have a pizza date with my ol’ lady (we’re not old. we’re in our 20’s) @ 4PM & i’m over here talking to y’all so…..I’m outta here.

ONE TIME FOR MY KIDNEYS!  *chugs water dispenser gallon*