Important message brought to you in part by Big Ang.

ATTENTION friends, family & acquaintances!

I would like to convey an important message at this moment… I’m not doing this to be trampled by opinions, but to let you all know that i’m serious about the decision I am about to make.

As of October 3rd, 2012 ….. I, Angel Cabrera, vow to refrain from ever taking another sip of an alcoholic beverage. EVER. This is it. I will not let anybody try to HINT towards even BEGINNING to try to convince me to take a drink. I’m eliminating it COMPLETELY. I have my personal reasons. This is not an attempt to try to appear holier than thou.

With that said, I encourage you to continue to be yourselves & to accept those who might have different views than you in being themselves.

Thanks for reading this. Carry on.


2 thoughts on “Important message brought to you in part by Big Ang.

    • Dad. Drunk drivers. Annoyingly alcoholic peers. Dad. My kidneys. I prefer apple juice. Dad. Hangovers. Brain cell loss. (I need every last one.) Annoyingly alcoholic peers. Dad. ……Did I mention Dad? ……Well, just in case I forgot….DAD. …… Annoyingly alcoholic peers. What else? …. Oh! Apple Cider gets me equally as loose. LOL! There.

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