Randumb Me

I’m too distracted.  I can talk about so many topics, I just give up and talk about none.  No, this is not a ghost typing.  It’s actually me.  The last post was a mere hyperbole.  It’s really how I felt but exaggerated to give a better understanding.  I’m alive and well, thank you very much.  In fact, I’m chillin’.

Speaking of being alive, I’ve been feeling a bit odd since the last time I posted a blog on here.  Since then, I returned to my regular mood and then skyrocketed to the best mood.  It was like a mega mood swing.  Tarzan type of shit.  I felt better than I ever had before.  There were a few things collectively that added on to me becoming emotionally opposite of what I was just a week ago.  I don’t remember in what order but who cares.  My peers are probably sick and tired of me speaking on this but Slaughterhouse putting out 38 new songs in like 48 hours was just exciting for me.  That alone lit me up.  And they’re not just throw-away songs, they’re bangers!

What else? …

Coincidentally, I was able to help my mom out with a few bucks during one of the most rare occurrences in her life.  Multiple emergencies being thrown her way, raping her pockets, left her with nearly nothing.  She insisted on paying me back with interest on Friday even though I told her it wasn’t necessary.  Oh look!  TODAY is Friday.  This shit just keeps getting better. Ha!

And then to make shit sweeter than it already is……the NFL season begins next week.  Then y’all have the nerve to wonder why autumn is my favorite season.

It ain’t even here yet but it’s been getting a little nippy outside.  See, spring would be cool if it didn’t consist of me having a scratchy throat & leaking eyes for 3 fucking months.  But like I was saying…football is back.  And I, along with my homies, will be at a bar to embrace the moment with open arms when that first kickoff is underway while keeping tabs on our fantasy teams that we formed drafting yesterday.  Shout out to the YOLO League.  Salute!

You know when you just feel like you can talk to someone and just have a good time simply chatting?  And you both just have a similar sense of humor so y’all instantly click and you can just vibe with them?  It’s refreshing fun, man.  Shout out to Young VJ.  That’s what I call her.  She’s cool.  😉

What more can I say?  I just feel good.  The month of august has been very polarizing for me.  I hit the fake bottom and the fake top.  In case you didn’t notice, most of the pictures on this post are random as fuck! LOL!  That was my aim.  It matches my persona.

Anyway, y’all be frigid.  *runs over Rebecca Black with monster truck while “Friday” plays*


3 thoughts on “Randumb Me

  1. Two things:

    1) I snapped this picture at work the other day and it ties in perfectly to your cat picture: http://imgur.com/lU1Au Her name is Dark Passenger. She’s always lounging, no fucks to give.

    2) Bitch, I was all fanning myself at the end thinking you were talking about me, feeling my ego inflate and shit, feeling all important, and then you play me like Charlamagne (too lazy to Google the spelling). Yo but can I get a drop?

    Jr is finally watching Love and Hip Hop. Thanks to you.

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