Just My Thoughts, Ladies & Gentlemen

It’s been a long time.  What’s it been, like a year?  Feels like it…

Anyway, I’ve been very down lately.  No specific reason behind it.  It’s just the way it is.  Can’t be happy & funny all the time, right?  ……WRONG!  Permanent happiness might be nonexistent but being funny doesn’t require a smile.  I could be pissed the fuck off and still make people laugh even when I myself don’t find shit funny.

I hadn’t even thought of what my next blog would be about as I was too consumed with making a blueprint on how to give that motherfucker that owes me money a deliberate, potent Boosie fade.  He thinks I’m letting it slide til he’s eating gravel & drinking a concoction of his own blood and mucus.  I don’t care how much you owe me.  It can be 25 cents.  If you try to play me for it, my only intention thereafter will be to hound and pound you.  And your chances of recovering or living at all are extremely slim given the number of times I’ve contemplated leaving this earth prematurely.  Imagine how much less I care about your well being if I can envision myself taking the Kurt Cobain route more than once.

I’m sure no one would ever expect for me to have these thoughts.  That’s probably because I mastered this poker face that I live with and strengthened my ability to conceal my true emotions during the many hours I was neglected and completely stripped from having a voice with no regard.  There’s no point in saying something if no one will listen.  All anyone ever does anyway is get offended by the advice and opinions they originally asked others to provide.  People can be so fucking stupid and it just makes me not want to interact with them.

It’s almost as if logic has become extinct.  It’s not exercised enough.  But that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

The reason why I’m down could be the fact that I’m ashamed to be the same species as that dude that owes me.  And that son of a bitch cop who shot a dog only because he was protecting his owner who was lying on concrete after having a seizure.  The same species that bred these heinous creatures along with others such as James Holmes, Rudy Eugene, Yolanda Saldívar and these fucking idiots:

I am disgusted at the fact that I share similar characteristics with these people, that I’m classified as a human alongside them.  And those I mentioned aren’t even a tenth of a percent that are out there .

There are few people who keep my hope of discovering good on this planet alive.  I wish there were more people like them.  With that said, I would like to awkwardly wish my sister Nicole a ‘Happy Burfday’ even though it totally doesn’t blend in with this horrible post.  I love you and I’m sure you have already found humor somewhere in reading this regardless of how serious I am.

Allow me to put my mask back on to preserve this facade of being 100% complacent and approving of the aspects in my life.  It’s the only way to co-exist with others successfully.  Not that I give a fuck anyway.

Oh, and by the way……the guy in the video has a Hannah Montana towel on his lap.  Fuck is wrong with you niggas, man?!  *sigh*

I’m out.  *blocks & reports world as spam*


4 thoughts on “Just My Thoughts, Ladies & Gentlemen

  1. Your inclusion of my burfday shout out made me laugh, so you were right. There will always be humor in random shit to be found by you and I, as that is our nature.
    Remember that time I called you up and randomly asked if you’ve ever contemplated suicide? And I told you that in your darkest moments, please try to remember that people care? I’m that poiple. Dat hamboigah. If I lost you, I’d be losing my person. SandraOhFace.jpg. I brag about you to anyone who will shut the fuck up and listen. I’ve stood up to Ma for you when she’s bitched about your nocturnal ways. When I laugh at something and everyone around me has a blank face, I think, “Fuck these wack ass people; my bro will find this funny.” If you weren’t my brother, I’d probably be like them. You taught me to be happy for silly reasons. And that skill (because shit is important enough to be considered a skill, nahmean) has saved me so many times I’m sure you’re not even aware of.
    I didn’t know if this was the right place to express this to you, but I’m glad for the chance to say all these things I’ve always thought I’d one day tell you. There’s more, much more, but like I always tell the people who matter, “My brother is my best friend. No one else in this world is as compatible with me as he is.”
    There will always be reasons to just quit living, especially as you get older, but there will also always be funny shit to laugh at. And if I don’t have you to share that laugh with until we both can’t breathe, I won’t be able to go on. AND LADY AND BIGGIE WILL BE ORPHANS AND WE DON’T WANT THAT, DO WE. Plus, I’ve already entrusted you with making sure I’m cremated when I’m dead and mofuckers laugh at my cheap ass funeral. Mom and Junior have already made it clear they won’t grant me my last wishes. You’re my only hope. Don’t make me have to haunt these hos.

    I love you, you clown.

    • “haunt these hos” *sigh*

      Yea, I remember that call. it was random as fuck. I didn’t even need to see Sandra Oh’s face, i pictured it right away.

      So, I opened the door for some brolic exterminator dude & he had a lisp. I had no choi*whistle* but to read this in a happy mood. If not, I would’ve made the hamBOIgahs face halfway through this. Music & laughter keeps me sane & there’s plenty of it. And if I were to REALLY R. Budd Dwyer myself (don’t look him up), the thought of leaving you behind would have made me stop on a dime to say “So, wanna go get some That’s Amore pizza instead?”. So yea, no worries for Lady & Biggie. …….Consider yourself chichaRRA! Idk even know if that’s the word but who cares. K BAH!

  2. You mean that dude who offed himself on camera? Had the gun in a big ass manila envelope? Come on, son…you know I get down with that rotten.com shit.
    I’m glad you’d think of me if life ever got to be too much. You know I went through my share of wackness back in HS when mofos seriously thought I was suicidal. Amateurs. HELLO. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Get over it.
    You’ve got me, I’ve got you. End of story.

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