The Fuckery: Love & Shit Pop: Atlanta

First off, let me get this off my chest…… LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This show is such a disservice to men & women. Especially for men.  But before I get into that, I want to point out this show is PACKED with doppelgangers.  The whole cast is just a bunch of look alikes .  K Michelle is a fake Keyshia Cole, that’s a given.  Mimi has a little Trina thing goin on.  Karlie reminds me of Shanell from Young Money a little too much.  There were rumors in the past about Joseline possibly being a man, so that’s that.  Rasheeda…….i don’t know who she looks like, but I don’t care.  Nobody does.  Her storyline sucks.  Her man looks like Lamar Odom though.  Benzino looks like a fucking british bulldog.   Lil Scrappy looks like he just finished eating ass every single time his face pops up, I’m sorry but he does.  Maybe that’s his secret to keeping his teeth that white.  If you ask me, his baby momma Erica looks like a man too.  And as for the rest of the cast….

Stevie J looks like everybody though.

Let’s talk about this fool for a second.  Stevie J is the reason why the show is so popular.  He’s a fucking clown.  Just look at his face.  That’s only 1 of the many retarded faces he makes randomly.  This man is the epitome of an “ain’t shit nigga”.  This dude is the disservice to us men I was talking about.  In women’s minds, he’s confirming that the majority of us are “ain’t shit niggas”.  Never mind what he does and has done for the music industry.  Strictly based on what’s happens on VH1 on Mondays at 8PM, this man is dumb as fuck.  But funny as fuck to watch.

Time out.  Look what I just found though…

See? Told you. Buncha look alikes.

Like I was saying… This motherfucker Stevie J is bugged.  Always making funny faces and saying outlandish shit.

LMAO!  Something is really wrong with him.  That ain’t even the half.  Those of you who watch know.  I was late to this show and watched the 1st 7 episodes last week.  Yea, I was sucked into this ratchet-fest.  Now I’m recruiting more of y’all.  If you haven’t watched, I recommend Stevie J’s storyline ONLY!  Fuck everything else.  Just watch how this fool acts.  Skip through the whole show.  Just watch HIS parts.  He’s still a “ain’t shit nigga”, but funny to watch.  The girls on this show just showcase women’s gossiping and chitchatting habits.  Of course, not every woman is like that.  Just how not every man is like Stevie J.  But America doesn’t think like that.  What’s seen on the show makes us look bad.  In some cases, women are the ones cheating and men are the one’s talking behind people’s backs.  But with shit like THIS on TV, people think only men are pigs and women talk.  But whatever.  Fuck all that.  Just watch this fool be dumb as fuck and the fights, I guess. If that’s your thing.

Why Love & Hip Hop though?  Joseline makes reggaeton, Karlie speaks in tongues and K Michelle is a singer.  Shit makes no sense.  Rasheeda is the only one that raps.  Then there’s Benzino & Master Splinter over there, but that’s about it.  There’s more drama and shit poppin’ off than Hip Hop.  I ain’t mad though.  That shit would be boring as fuck anyway.  I prefer watching the fuckery.

Adios amigos!  *sails away in boat making Stevie J face*


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