Randumb Me

I’m too distracted.  I can talk about so many topics, I just give up and talk about none.  No, this is not a ghost typing.  It’s actually me.  The last post was a mere hyperbole.  It’s really how I felt but exaggerated to give a better understanding.  I’m alive and well, thank you very much.  In fact, I’m chillin’.

Speaking of being alive, I’ve been feeling a bit odd since the last time I posted a blog on here.  Since then, I returned to my regular mood and then skyrocketed to the best mood.  It was like a mega mood swing.  Tarzan type of shit.  I felt better than I ever had before.  There were a few things collectively that added on to me becoming emotionally opposite of what I was just a week ago.  I don’t remember in what order but who cares.  My peers are probably sick and tired of me speaking on this but Slaughterhouse putting out 38 new songs in like 48 hours was just exciting for me.  That alone lit me up.  And they’re not just throw-away songs, they’re bangers!

What else? …

Coincidentally, I was able to help my mom out with a few bucks during one of the most rare occurrences in her life.  Multiple emergencies being thrown her way, raping her pockets, left her with nearly nothing.  She insisted on paying me back with interest on Friday even though I told her it wasn’t necessary.  Oh look!  TODAY is Friday.  This shit just keeps getting better. Ha!

And then to make shit sweeter than it already is……the NFL season begins next week.  Then y’all have the nerve to wonder why autumn is my favorite season.

It ain’t even here yet but it’s been getting a little nippy outside.  See, spring would be cool if it didn’t consist of me having a scratchy throat & leaking eyes for 3 fucking months.  But like I was saying…football is back.  And I, along with my homies, will be at a bar to embrace the moment with open arms when that first kickoff is underway while keeping tabs on our fantasy teams that we formed drafting yesterday.  Shout out to the YOLO League.  Salute!

You know when you just feel like you can talk to someone and just have a good time simply chatting?  And you both just have a similar sense of humor so y’all instantly click and you can just vibe with them?  It’s refreshing fun, man.  Shout out to Young VJ.  That’s what I call her.  She’s cool.  😉

What more can I say?  I just feel good.  The month of august has been very polarizing for me.  I hit the fake bottom and the fake top.  In case you didn’t notice, most of the pictures on this post are random as fuck! LOL!  That was my aim.  It matches my persona.

Anyway, y’all be frigid.  *runs over Rebecca Black with monster truck while “Friday” plays*


Just My Thoughts, Ladies & Gentlemen

It’s been a long time.  What’s it been, like a year?  Feels like it…

Anyway, I’ve been very down lately.  No specific reason behind it.  It’s just the way it is.  Can’t be happy & funny all the time, right?  ……WRONG!  Permanent happiness might be nonexistent but being funny doesn’t require a smile.  I could be pissed the fuck off and still make people laugh even when I myself don’t find shit funny.

I hadn’t even thought of what my next blog would be about as I was too consumed with making a blueprint on how to give that motherfucker that owes me money a deliberate, potent Boosie fade.  He thinks I’m letting it slide til he’s eating gravel & drinking a concoction of his own blood and mucus.  I don’t care how much you owe me.  It can be 25 cents.  If you try to play me for it, my only intention thereafter will be to hound and pound you.  And your chances of recovering or living at all are extremely slim given the number of times I’ve contemplated leaving this earth prematurely.  Imagine how much less I care about your well being if I can envision myself taking the Kurt Cobain route more than once.

I’m sure no one would ever expect for me to have these thoughts.  That’s probably because I mastered this poker face that I live with and strengthened my ability to conceal my true emotions during the many hours I was neglected and completely stripped from having a voice with no regard.  There’s no point in saying something if no one will listen.  All anyone ever does anyway is get offended by the advice and opinions they originally asked others to provide.  People can be so fucking stupid and it just makes me not want to interact with them.

It’s almost as if logic has become extinct.  It’s not exercised enough.  But that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

The reason why I’m down could be the fact that I’m ashamed to be the same species as that dude that owes me.  And that son of a bitch cop who shot a dog only because he was protecting his owner who was lying on concrete after having a seizure.  The same species that bred these heinous creatures along with others such as James Holmes, Rudy Eugene, Yolanda Saldívar and these fucking idiots:

I am disgusted at the fact that I share similar characteristics with these people, that I’m classified as a human alongside them.  And those I mentioned aren’t even a tenth of a percent that are out there .

There are few people who keep my hope of discovering good on this planet alive.  I wish there were more people like them.  With that said, I would like to awkwardly wish my sister Nicole a ‘Happy Burfday’ even though it totally doesn’t blend in with this horrible post.  I love you and I’m sure you have already found humor somewhere in reading this regardless of how serious I am.

Allow me to put my mask back on to preserve this facade of being 100% complacent and approving of the aspects in my life.  It’s the only way to co-exist with others successfully.  Not that I give a fuck anyway.

Oh, and by the way……the guy in the video has a Hannah Montana towel on his lap.  Fuck is wrong with you niggas, man?!  *sigh*

I’m out.  *blocks & reports world as spam*

Brain-farts Galore

So uh……too bad I forgot I had a blog.  It has been a loooooong fucking weekend.  And guess what?  I didn’t brainstorm a goddamn thing.  Shame on me.  Well, I guess I’ll just do this one on the fly.

These ball throwing heauxs in these Olympics are impressive.  Not one mistake was made in any of the countries’ choreo.  WHOA!  This wrestler just got dropped on his head! LMAOOOOO!!!!

Anyway, I already have an olympic post so I don’t wanna make this about…….yo, USA Basketball team took home the gold! FUCK YEAH!!!!!

Ok, I’m sorry. I have no filter right now, which I guess is a good thing because I need to talk about something.  How about those 2 new Slaughterhouse songs that dropped?  Fucking FIRE!

Or how about my 1st beer shotgunning experience?  Hilarious, but nah.  Wtf do I talk about with y’all?  I don’t even know if you’re reading, honestly.  I mean, I see how many views I get in total & it’s pretty decent for a no-name like myself. But are you all REALLY there?  Or do my viewers consist of nothing but close friends, family & cyber ghosts?   Well, I did hear from a girl who stumbled upon my blog on twitter and liked it.   I felt great about that.  Oh!  So THAT’S what jump-started my weekend!  I remember now.  Shout out to her.

What about that 2 Chainz album?  LMAO!  The shit is funny more than anything.  With lyrics like “I wish a nigga would like a kitchen cabinet” & “woodgrain, chestnut / tittyfuck ….. CHEST NUT!” … Matter fact, the whole 2nd verse on “Like Me”.  I’m changing this album’s genre to ‘comedy’ in my iPod.

What about that triple cheeseburger from McDonald’s?  Damn, I want another one.  But I can’t eat cheese like that.  Which reminds me….i have a pizza date with my ol’ lady (we’re not old. we’re in our 20’s) @ 4PM & i’m over here talking to y’all so…..I’m outta here.

ONE TIME FOR MY KIDNEYS!  *chugs water dispenser gallon*

The Dopeness: Great Hip-Hop ‘Tribute to the Fallen’ Songs

These might evoke some emotion that you might not want to feel until after tomorrow.  But Sadderday is based on love relationships and things of that nature so I’ll just go ahead & do this today anyway.  WARNING!  Some of these songs are beautiful tearjerkers.

Since he has the most,  Let’s begin with the Notorious B.I.G.

“We’ll Always Love Big Poppa” – The Lox

This next one is a song dedicated to Trouble T Roy from the group Heavy D and the Boyz.

“They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)”  – Pete Rock & CL Smooth

This next song was for Big L made by 3 of the members of the group Big L was a part of, the Diggin’ In The Crates Crew (D.I.T.C)

“Tribute” – O.C., A.G. & Lord Finesse

Keeping this in Harlem.  Next up, a song for Harlem World’s Huddy 6

“Tribute To Hud 6” – Cam’ron

Since Cam used an Eminem beat, I’ll go right ahead and post this next song.  It took a while for Em to make a song for his deceased best friend Proof of D12, but he finally did.  Here’s his ode to Proof.

“You’re Never Over” – Eminem

Oh look. Another segway.  Joe Budden is signed to Shady so…this next song was his tribute to his friend and also Jim Jones’ associate, Stack Bundles.

Send Him Our Love” – Joe Budden

Back to Big.  Here’s the most recent tribute to Christopher Wallace.

“Letter To B.I.G.” – Jadakiss Ft. Faith Evans

You can’t mention Big without mentioning Pac.  But to be honest, the best 2Pac tribute songs are by the man himself.  He would always make songs about how it would be to die.  Biggie did too, but the songs made for Big were actually good.  I’m sorry but Bizzy Bone’s tribute to Pac was fucking horrible.  So i’m gonna have to go with Treach & em.  Song might not be GREAT, but Pac was.  So I have to include him.

“Mourn You Til I Join You” – Naughty By Nature

I ‘ll tell you this though.  Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s tribute to Eazy-E was one of the better tributes in general.  The original “Crossroads” was good too, but it wasn’t for Eazy.  They later remade it and birthed what’s probably their biggest song, a song dedicated to Eazy.  Here it is.

“Tha Crossroads” – Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Up next, Mr. Cheeks made a song for his fellow Lost Boyz member and friend, Freaky Tah.

“Till We Meet Again” – Mr. Cheeks Ft. Stephen Marley

Here’s a trill tribute Bun B made for his partner Pimp C.

“Angel In The Sky” – Bun B

This next one is Raekwon’s tribute to ODB.

“Ason Jones” – Raekwon

This song ends @ 5:48. Idk why it says 7:25. But anyway, here’s T.I.’s tribute to his best friend and assistant Philant “Big Phil” Johnson.

Almost done guys!  So far, these songs have basically been for friends and other rappers…but Nas made one for his mother who died of cancer in 2002.

“Dance” – Nas

Everybody knows this one.  This song was HUGE.  Another tribute to Biggie.  The album version with Puff talking on the intro is even more incredible.

“I’ll Be Missing You” – Puff Daddy Ft. Faith Evans & 112


Last but certainly NOT least….. “baby girl”.  I left this for last because it’s one of my favorites, by my favorite artist.  Not only is this song dedicated to Aaliyah, Jay-Z sticks up for her on it and disses Star from Star & Buckwild for dissing her.  A tribute with a diss in it.  Who else can pull that off? Of course, Big & Pac get a verse, but Jay also remembers to acknowledge a lot of names.   There’s plenty more songs out there, but I think this is the perfect way to end this post.

“I Miss You (Remix)” – Jay-Z & Aaliyah

Peace & Love.