“What’s Really The Point?” (by @DontFeedTheBird)


Now, that I have your attention…I’m here to disclose some information with you niggas who follow & RT parody accounts on twitter…IT’S FUCKING USELESS BRO. COMPLETELY USELESS. Please explain to me the satisfaction one gets from following a “@WhatTedSaid” page. It’s a fucking movie bro. I hate the word “bro”..especially when I don’t fuck with you like that…that’s neither here nor there though. Back to what I was saying, Ted for instance it’s a fucking Teddy Bear that’s verified on twitter. You niggas really got a fictional character verified, We must do better. The nigga has a whopping 400,000 followers my jiggy…let’s be fucking serious.


Meek Mill, Will Ferrell, Drake, Frank Ocean, Wiz Khalifa, Kirko Bangz…you ask what they all have in common? TONS OF PARODY PAGES.

You hooligans really sit there & run fake pages. Nigga, it’s 2012…be yourself. You really think these niggas have time to sit there & give relationship advice!? They got roleys to cop, movies to film, bottles to pop, & write songs bout him (disgusted iPhone emoji for the real niggas like myself). But anyways, all them parody pages tweet THEE SAME SHIT. A famous one will be “As a couple, never argue with each over Twitter. Never let people know when your home isn’t happy. That’s when hoes think they’re invited.” – Ted…. <— you see that bullshit!?! Even tho it do be shit you want to RT, you must chill & have some dignity & pride. Unfollow these parody pages & lets stop them from ruining what we accomplished, & that’s making twitter the dopest shit to ever be invented.

Remember, just cause you lied a few times, it does not make you a liar. #100.


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