Fuck Your Opinion

For the love of well endowed light skinned honeys with long hair & hoop earrings… keep your opinions to yourselves.  At least keep them from me.  I don’t want em.  I didn’t ask you shit so take your collection of rusty ass 2 cents & get the fuck outta here.  Nobody gives a flying eagle’s vagina.

We all have personal preferences.   So trying to persuade someone into liking or not liking stuff is ‘Landry Fields’ useless.  It’s cool to suggest or recommend but when you attempt to do so with an opinion attached to it, fuck you.

Don’t make a face or say “Eww” when i’m running down the list of ingredients I like on my Subway sandwich and mayonnaise comes up.  If you don’t like mayo, DON’T EAT IT!  But the shit is manufactured for a reason so don’t look at me like you got the stomach virus or some shit.  Let me and my ‘sammich’ live.

Personally, I don’t think dressing makes MY salad any more valid.  But do you.  Drown yours, i don’t care.  It’s YOUR salad.  However,  if you see me adding raw spinach to mine and you’re asking me why…….I’m slapping your salad off the fucking table and making it fly across the room. FUCK YOU MEAN, WHY?!! Cuz I want some, BITCH!  Excuse me for trying to switch it up a bit.  Next time it’s gonna be your face.  And I’ll be filled with spinach so HEY, guess what?

That’s right, Popeye.  I is what I is too.

So all you judgmental fucks can go eat Fat Bastard’s jock strap! … But hey, if that’s your thing, I won’t judge you.

Later, hater.  *rides shopping cart down Snake Hill*


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