Is Queen the ‘Greatest Band Of All Time’?

No matter who you are or what you listen to, you have sung Queen lyrics before.  That’s a fact.  Queen is one of those bands that have such a big impact, their music is played any and everywhere.  Take the latest Lay’s chips commercial for example.  The song on this commercial has been featured in so many movies, it’s probably already chillin’ in your sub-conscience waiting for it to come on TV for you to sing it.

Does the title “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” ring a bell?

Sounds familiar, right?

If not, I’m still 100% sure you have heard Queen before.  You ever been to a sporting event?  All of a sudden you hear BOOM BOOM CLAP, BOOM BOOM CLAP….. and you go ahead and stomp your feet and clap your hands.  “WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!”  Yup.  Queen.

Let’s say it’s a Championship clinching game and the winner is presented the trophy.  The same song for every team sport is played.  “We Are The Champions”.  Yup.  Queen.

THESE SONGS ARE FROM THE 70’s & EARLY 80’s!!!  They’re STILL played reguarly!

Queen is a rock band that influenced every genre.  Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga because of Queen.  Her number one influence is Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.  Her vibrato is similar to his and her name derived from one of their hits called “Radio Gaga”.  No Queen, No Gaga.  Her support for gay rights probably was inspired by Mercury too.  You see, he was a homosexual.  She probably wants to send the message that you don’t have to be straight to be great.

Oh!  I just remembered another one….. “Another One Bites The Dust”.

Fun Fact:  Michael Jackson suggested that they release “Another One Bites The Dust” as a single, so they did.  MJ was the only reason they released it.

You know Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”?…Well, the famous bassline is from Queen’s “Under Pressure”.

“You’re My Best Friend” has been in every fucking teen movie EVER! Ha! …  Maybe not all, but you get my drift.

The list just goes on.  But their biggest song is probably “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  It’s one of the greatest songs in MUSIC history.  Not just in rock.  Mercury always had dreams of making his own musical and this song was as close as he came to that dream.  It’s very dramatic.

And who can forget the drunk guy who sang the song in its entirety in the back of a cop car?  Classic.

Not only are their songs extraordinary, the essence of their live shows were unmatched.  Their stage production in the 70’s and 80’s can be used today in 2012 and still blow people’s minds.

“A concert is not a live rendition of our album.  It’s a theatrical event.” – Freddie Mercury

How about this?  Does this look familiar?

That’s because it has been emulated time and time again.

Some of these are remakes of remakes.  Still wouldn’t exist without Queen.

Brian May (guitar, vocals), John Deacon (bass guitar, guitars) and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals) along with Mercury’s frequent piano playing was like a fucking musical dream team.  They were all musical geniuses on the same page.  Making the most complex pieces of music and catchiest singles for commercial radio.  Their loyal core fan base stuck with them as they gained millions of fans commercially creating this incredibly BIG ASS following.  According to the Guinness Book Of Records, “the Official International Queen Fan Club is the longest running rock group fan club in the world.”  That’s a sign of greatness.  That means the music has STILL kept the fans attached to them years and years later  .  Even after Freddie Mercury died in 1991 of AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia.  Such a talent lost, so unfortunate.

If I sit here and list all their achievements and accolades, this post would be as long as your Christmas wishlists when you were kids.

So this brings me to my initial question…. Is Queen the ‘Greatest Band Of All Time’?

Although I believe they are, I can’t call it.  I bet millions of people believe they are too, fan or not.

All I know for sure is that they definitely, without a doubt, are in my Top 3.


Peace & Love!  *flips gravity switch, cloud cannon ball*


2 thoughts on “Is Queen the ‘Greatest Band Of All Time’?

  1. I like that you’re not focusing on just one genre of music. Fuck yea, Queen!

    I died when I saw the Muppet picture though. It was unexpected. Good job.

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