The Fuckery: Fickle Fans

I hate y’all, straight up.  I really do.  Bunch of flip-floppers.

What is your purpose in life?  To like shit only when it’s universally accepted? … Yea?  Well then kill yourselves!  You disgust me.  If you’re a wrestling fan, I’m not talking to you.  The WWE is designed to get the crowd involved to make their story lines seem impactful.  They purposely make your favorite superstars do asshole shit to piss you off until you boo them.  You’re off the hook.  But if I hear one more Nas fan say some dumb shit like “Yo, Nas is back!”  Or “He finally has a good one with Life Is Good.”  Or “That’s the Nas i’ve been waiting for” ….. i’m gonna kick one of y’all in the shin.  With boots.  Repeatedly.

Y’all sound like a bunch of fucking idiots.  Life Is Good is a solid album.  I enjoyed it.  But when has Nas been out of his element?  How is this album different from his previous two besides the fact that it wasn’t conceptual?  I bet you can’t answer.

“But Hip Hop Is Dead was….”  SHUT THE FUCK UP!  That album was hot.

“But on the Nigger album, he had commercial ass beats.  “Hero” wasn’t Nas’ style, it was commercial.”

Oh my God, you fucking shitheads.  It’s like someone shoved logs of shit in your ears when y’all were kids and grew up deaf, forgetful shitheads.  I guess you forgot about “You Won’t See Me Tonight” Ft. Aaliyah.  Oh wait! What about “You Owe Me” Ft. Ginuwine?  Were those not commercial records?  Do me a quick favor.  Grab some Bounty and wipe those thick chunks of feces from your ear drums and make sure you get that diarrhea shit that your cousin accidentally injected in your ear from laughing hard about sitting their bare ass on your head while you were sleeping with Wet Wipes before it drips down to your medulla oblongata.  You fuck.

I’m done with you manure helmet ass fickle fans.  Not just the ones that belong to Nas.  ALL OF Y’ALL!

To all the REAL fans and ‘Stans’ out there…

Ok Bye.

*laughs at you for reading eagerly to find out how I exit this post while I’m already flying a dragon*


2 thoughts on “The Fuckery: Fickle Fans

  1. On the same topic, what about those who don’t give a shit about somebody until that person dies? Happens every time. How delicious it was to see all the haters start blasting MJ and Whitney after they died. Oh, but while they were alive they were doodoo?

    This post has too many mentions of poop in it.

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