Can I Get a Drop?

Charlamagne, what happened, dawg?  Why’d they do you like that?  All that for a drop?  You must’ve said something REAL……honest or some shit.

Charlamagne (Power 105.1 radio personality) was being harassed by some old heads before going in to work.  They wanted him to shout them out on video for their DVD.  These situations are usually not funny.  But Charlamagne Tha God is like a comedian.  He’s a clown!  I wouldn’t be surprised if even HE thought this funny.  YO! Just watch this shit.  I swear, I couldn’t breathe & my eyes became Niagara Falls.  This shit made my day.  ENJOY!

LOOK AT HIS FACE in the beginning!  Then look at the way he reacts.  Pure comedy.  Oh, but it gets better. It ALWAYS gets better.  Just take a glance at what the twitter universe made out of this incident.

When I tell you me & my nigga Maha couldn’t stop laughing…..I’m talking about 2 straight minutes of shedding tears and stomach cramps.

Here’s how it happened from the words of Charlamagne himself.

Alright, y’all.  Peace and Love.  *throws stun grenade*

UPDATE:  Hot 97 and Power 105.1 have been beefing since Summer Jam over the whole Nicki Minaj incident so of course, Funk Master Flex addressed this video of Charlamagne.  Basically, Funk Flex felt the EXACT same way I did.  EXACT.


2 thoughts on “Can I Get a Drop?

  1. Now I’m never going to forget that face. You know his butt was tight just by the look in those eyes.

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