The Fuckery

I was supposed to post this before I left the house earlier but i forgot.  I also forgot my keys.  SMFH. Heeeere we go… (Slick Rick voice)

Who in the entire fuck came up with this fuckery?

This is the definition of struggle.  In 2012, this shouldn’t be your only option for a shower sprinkler.  I’d rather take a BATH with a “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” container.  It’s less damaging to my pride.  And Men shouldn’t even take baths.  It’s not manly.  So just imagine how WEAK this “shower head” is.  I won’t  discredit it completely because it’s innovative and it requires some creativity to make use of a water bottle like that.  But for fuck’s sake, this shit is ghetto!  What’s wrong wit the regular stream of water?  It’s actually more effective at removing soap and shit.  Maybe the person who did this was bored as fuck.

But who am I to talk?  I’m blogging about a fucking water bottle.  Anyway, today is a skimpy content kind of day so this is all you get for now.   But best believe I’ll be back with something dope cuz that’s how I roll.

The ‘sticky wings’ at Dallas BBQ are waiting for me to devour them whole. Bones and all.  So I’m outtie.


It’s 1:30 AM and I’m still stuffed, yo. smh

That’s What It Is!

Deuces!  *pops wheelie on donkey*


2 thoughts on “The Fuckery

  1. Sorry, but cut up Sunny Delight bottles are far superior in function than butter buckets. You flip one upside down and saw off the bottom and you’ve got a bucket with a handle!

    Also, this water bottle shower head shit is just comedy gold waiting to happen. Allow me to illustrate: Person shampooes head, throwing it back like a Herbal Essence commercial, eyes closed in shampooing bliss, when *pop* DUN…BOOSHHHH the bottle falls off and smacks the person in the eye.

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