Hip-Hop Vs. R&B

I noticed that whenever I run into a group of people having a debate about music, it’s usually Hip-Hop.  On Twitter, on the train, on the stoop, CNN, the park, the post office.  It’s always fucking Hip-Hop!  What about R&B?  Is there not a variety of R&B artists with different styles & shit?  Last I checked, R&B is melodic.  Most genres are, excluding Hip-Hop.  That alone separates every R&B artist because to make a song, they have to invent new melodies.  Not in Hip-Hop.  For the most part, rapping is linear in terms of tone and pitch and all that good stuff.  So that’s one thing that’s more disputable in R&B than in Hip-Hop.  Another thing: The actual music.  Hip-Hop is predominantly “boom bap, boom clap” bass drums and snare with a soul sample.  R&B songs can be fast & upbeat or slow with a shitload of instruments.

If you ask me, a debate is WAY more interesting when the 2 arguments are not immediately similar.  As a matter of fact, that’s what MAKES debates.  The differences between the two are what leave space for both sides to make good points and actually have a possible victor and not just a ” Fuck this, let’s watch MTV’s Pranked” draw.  Fuck I look like arguing about who’s better between 2 Chainz & Lil’ Wayne in 2012?  They’re both dread swingin’,  nursery rhymers who dress weird and are being forced down our throats by mainstream radio as they’re featured on every cot damn song.  One is short, one is tall. That’s all i can say about em.  Arguing about who’s better or who says better shit between those 2 is like playing a 1v1 in Call Of Duty with no time limit & unlimited deaths.  Nobody else gave a fuck enough to join, nobody wins & you’re a “ri-tard” for even starting it up.  (I like 2 Chainz in 2012 better, by the way.  Fuck your opinion.)

Anyway, I personally think a debate on Avant vs. Tank would actually be worth having. Or Usher Vs. Justin Timberlake, Joe Vs. Tyrese, Keyshia Cole vs. Amerie, Beyonce Vs. Alicia Keys. Or who’s a better group between New Edition, Jodeci, Boys II Men, Bell Biv DeVoe, Toni! Tony! Tone!, Mint Condition, Soul IV Real, H-Town, Blackstreet, Next, 112, Jagged Edge, and Dru Hill.

Ok, don’t try that last one.  That’s like the Call Of Duty thing without an opponent.  But whatever, man. Match em up. Those sound like dope ass debates to me.  How about this one….Who’s the bigger fuck knob? R. Kelly or Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs?


And for those of you who listen to nothing BUT Hip-Hop, then i guess you have no choice.  But if I were you, I would just move it along to sports or something cuz…..Hip-Hop debates are fucking WEAK!

Konnichiwa, BITCHES!  *Ninja runs into the sunset*


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