My Favorite Recent Boxing Rematch…

This shit right HERE?!!!!


Let me start by saying this: As a Cotto fan…..this was the BEST SHIT EVER!

I mean everything about this feud was fucking epic!  Allow me to enlighten those who don’t know anything about this rivalry.

On July 26, 2008, Miguel Cotto & Antonio Margarito battled for the 1st time for the WBA welterweight title. Margarito escapes with the W by TKO in the 11th round. It was a brutal fight. Especially for Cotto.


Life goes on, yada yada yada.

6 months later, Margarito was scheduled to fight Shane Mosley.  This is when it gets crazy.  Right before the fight, Shane Mosley’s trainer (Naazim Richardson) pointed out that Margarito had what turned out to be plaster in his hand wraps.  THIS MOTHERFUCKER HAD LOADED GLOVES, DAWG!  On top of that, another plaster was found in his dressing room.  Margarito was ordered to get his hands rewrapped.  The fight was officially underway.

The Verdict: Shane Mosley put the BEATS on this fool just like he deserved.

Margarito and his trainer, Javier Capetillo were suspended. He returned in 2010.

In the next few months, both Cotto and Margarito would go on to fight Manny Pacquiao in which they both were annihilated.  I mean, just picked apart like a fucking pulled pork. (Try saying that really fast 3 times) Pacquiao fractured Margarito’s orbital bone for crying out loud! (No pun intended) In addition, he developed a large cataract from Pacman’s vicious blows.  It was so severe, surgery was postponed for 3 days because his face was too swollen to operate.  Matter fact, HERE! Just look at this shit.


Cotto’s face was bad after Pacquiao too, by the way.

Ever since the loaded glove controversy, Cotto began speculating whether Margarito used tampered handwraps against him as well. Obviously, Cotto’s face had never been badly beaten like it was after that fight. But he himself dug deeper, making a few interesting points and connections. He noticed that the same plaster that was confiscated at the Mosley fight appeared to be in his wraps during their bout.

                        (This is what was found in his wraps)


(This photo was taken seconds after being declared the winner against Cotto)


If you look closely, his handwraps have red dye that sometimes comes from the gloves.  Cotto believes the dye bled through the wraps onto the plaster and that the same plaster found could have been used against him.  He also points out that in this same picture, Margarito’s handwraps appear to be ripped which can’t be possible unless there’s a hard surface under there, other than just bare knuckles.  SOUNDS GUILTY TO ME!

And just like that, BOOM! A rematch is right around the corner.

All of the controversy is glorified in their edition of HBO’s 24/7 Special.  Every 24/7 is extremely entertaining.  This one is by far one of the most dramatic I have ever seen.  They bad mouth each other throughout the episode and you can feel the tension and genuine hatred between these two fighters.


We finally got to see them argue face to face on another HBO Special: “Face Off” with Max Kellerman.


Gotta love HBO.  It continues at the weigh-in the day before the fight.  They didn’t care about the people’s excitement enough to do a face-off because they really don’t like each other.

And finally, on December 3rd 2011, the match itself.  This shit right here was LEGENDARY! Why? Because Miguel Cotto finally gets his revenge on this mutt after 3 long years.  From beginning to end, Margarito is being out-boxed by this dude and of course, in the same breath…..getting FRUUUUCKED UP! 


I loved EVERY minute of it! So much so that i downloaded the entire fight and put that bitch in my iPod so i can carry it in my pocket everywhere I go!