My Awesome Brain Comes Up With Awesome Things: Eminem’s Album Release Pattern

Everybody knows Eminem doesn’t over saturate. But i just realized something.  For every album he releases, he takes an extra year to release the next album …

The “Slim Shady LP” came out in 1999.

1 year later: “Marshall Mathers LP” (2000)

2 years later: “The Eminem Show” (2002)

3 years later: “Encore” (2005)

4 years later: “Relapse” (2009)

“Recovery” came out 2010, only 1 year after “Relapse”.

So either his pattern is starting all over again, meaning he’ll be planning to release an album 2 years after “Recovery” (Summer/4th quarter of 2012) OR…..

His next album won’t be out until 2015. Now, let me explain how this makes complete sense…

Seeing that Em dropped 2 albums back to back, it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t put out a CD 1 year later because again, he doesn’t over saturate with his music. Instead, he’ll most likely put one out 2 years later. This way, he’ll continue his ‘potent music-making streak’ & simultaneously keep himself relevant without annoyingly forcing himself upon us. (Insert rape joke here.)

Coincidentally, he signed Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf, a total of 5 solo artists. Yelawolf was first up with “Radioactive” in 2011. Each Slaughterhouse artist will most likely have a solo album.

5 solo artists. 1 year each. That’s a total 5 years. (I’m such a math wiz.) Not to mention the Slaughterhouse group project.

IN CONCLUSION! … Eminem fans are FUCKED as soon as we realize that we most likely won’t be getting anything more than a few guest verses from the diabolical prodigal son himself until 2015. But don’t worry. We can enjoy his dope ass discography while we wait because quite frankly, everything the man makes is fucking stupefying! Yes, even “Encore”. Trust me when i tell you this: That album has some hidden gems that even the avid Eminem listeners overlook. Not me though. But nobody gives the furry crack of a rat’s behind……….or a fuck.

Now tell me i can’t be a writer for one of these Hip-Hop magazines…..