It’s Time For: “Worst Fight Scenes EVER!”

So i think it’s about that time i start posting the “Worst Fight Scenes EVER”! These clips are so terrible, they make me cry from the laughter.  I mean, they are BAD! But i love them.  I love any & everything that makes me laugh so……….Let the fake ass fights begin!

1st up! This scene is from Star Trek. I don’t know if it was a movie or an episode or……whatever! I personally don’t give a damn. But i had to post this because when i first saw this, i had a blank stare through the entire thing! 10 seconds after the video was over, i snapped out of the shock and then i nearly pissed my pants.

This next video is just plain retarded! It’s from some Indian film called “Aa Ab Laut Chalen” (however you pronounce that.) Anyway, this SHIT right here is terrible for a bunch of reasons. Let me just give you 3 obvious things to look out for:

1) Notice how the dude shrieks when he gets the cup of coffee to the face.

2) Pay attention to the dialogue. TOO funny!

3) The dude getting thrown through the glass, which shatters before he even touches it!


Video #3! This one is just plain WACK! but what makes it REALLY bad is:

1) Unnecessary screaming

2) the ‘landed’ punches that don’t really land

3) the ridiculously corny gore

This clip is from a movie entitled “Undefeatable”

Video #4! This is from “Code of the Dragon” also known as “The Ghost”.

When i first saw this one, i swear i gained abs.

As soon as i saw the 1st guy fall, i laughed so hard, i missed the rest of the fight………and then i replayed it and OH LAWD! … HORRENDOUS!

#5! Dammit, it gets worse!

This is from “Chandramukhi”, another Indian film.

I swear, Indian films have the worst ones! LMaO!

And the saddest part is: “this movie played in Indian theaters for 2 years grossing a multimillion dollar profit worldwide and it made Indian film history.”


Clip #6

All i gotta say is…VICTORY DANCE!

OH YEAH! and……….Indian films are DEFINITELY the WORST!

#7! OMG! WTF IS THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMaO!!!!!!!!!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! #8! 1960’s Batman! This is FUCKING RIDICULOUS! (Rza voice) …….I mean c’mon! SERIOUSLY?!

skip to 0:40 ……. “The Riddler” totally bailed on his own!

I don’t know about y’all but this shit was Funny.  As.  HELL!


4 thoughts on “It’s Time For: “Worst Fight Scenes EVER!”

  1. Ah, yes. Your first post evah. Congratulations. Soon you’ll be a blogmaster. Just remember the lil people once you get to the top.

    Also, I’m glad I can now see your videos on my phone. FUCK TUMBLR.

  2. Also, it’s a smart thing you have this set up so you have to accept comments before they’re visible by others. Cuts down on the spam your readers don’t need to see. Gooh yob!

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